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Meeren Cohousing

A renovated barn in the middle of the site, has a central function, a place that brings people together and connects.
Just like the large communal garden with swimming pond.
Around this barn 2 new buildings, constructed out of Cross Laminated Timber, are made to house 8 families, with each their own private garden.

Project Developer:

Bart en Pieter garden architects

Water recovery


‘Competition for a new kindergarten in Effretikon’


Effretikon, Switserland

Einwohnergemeinde Holderbank

Thomas De Geeter Architektur GmbH
Heinzer GmbH



Meldert, Lummen, Belgium


‘Het Huis’ Social service campus for ‘De Ideale Woning’

1ste place in Open Call

A garden, a house, a home. A place in the neighbourhood with a lot of nature for everyone.
A broad program, for a broad group of people, for live.
In a neighborhood, but on the edge, between city and fields.
The garden is the core, the buildings are like houses, both are complementary.
Three buildings unite in a loose-fixed relation.
A wide range of activities are organized in 1 sturdy building.

The design focuses on creating a sustainable,
natural and joyous working environment that bathes in an atmosphere of shared use and open collaboration.

Atelier Arne Deruyter
Diadalos Peutz
Util structuurstudies
Kasper De Vos (Artwork)

Berchem, Antwerp


‘A qualitative core expansion project that enriches the city’

The projects consists of 5 building clusters with houses, a center for adult education, commercial spaces and an underground parking around a green, traffic-calmed square.
The green square – called the Stadsterras van Mortsel – will connect the centrally located municipal square with the new city park Oude God.
The Sint-Lutgardis school, which was bombed by the allies in 1943, today houses the Center for Adult Education LBC-NVK.
The school is part of the historical patrimony of the city of Mortsel, a tangible reminder of the drama of the bombing.
The design team opts for the preservation of the entire building and for the conversion into a residential project with a green inner garden.




‘Renovation of the Gemini and Laplace buildings on the site of TU-Eindhoven’

3th place in European tender

Designed by Interior architects S.J. van Embden, as part of the second construction phase of the TU / e campus,
the renovation is needed to meet the ambitions of the TU/e in the field of sustainability, technology, education and research.
The tender has been contracted out as a Total Engineering assignment.

Gemini | 1972 | 12.000m² | faculties Mechanical Engineering and Biomedical Engineering
Laplace | 1974 | 34.000m² | transformed to education center for all students

Eindhoven, The Netherlands


‘Luxury apartments near the lake’

Meerzicht is a part of a bigger development called Duinenwater.
It’s a new residential area located on the banks of a lake, nearby the town centre of Knokke.
Meerzicht is the last development at the the lakeside, consisting of Luxury apartments.

Project Developer:
Triple Living / Skyline Europe

Arcas architects


Knokke, Belgium


New-build project with contemporary architecture located at the Wildert (Essen) train-station.
The whole consists of 15 apartments, a doctor’s and physiotherapy practice and a pharmacy.
All apartments are almost energy neutral. In addition, rainwater is recovered and solar panels and an electric shared car are provided.



Wildert, Essen, Belgium


‘Living around an old farm’

Residential project interweaving 54 apartments with an original farm building,
using various garden rooms and courtyards going from a more public character on the street to a more private character at the rear of the plot.
The access to the three new building blocks is organized around the central courtyard and is marked by a concrete porch structure that also facilitates the passage to the enclosed garden rooms.


Zwijnaarde, Belgium



‘Academie turned into a co-housing project’

A conversion of an old building, originally build as a girls-school, into a co-housing project with special attention to architecture, ecology and the heritage value of the building.
In addition to 15 living units, there will be common areas such as a community center, studio, sauna, play area and green inner garden.
To emphasize the ecological aspect, heat pumps and solar panels are installed, all homes are almost energy neutral, rainwater recuperation and electric shared cars and bicycles are provided.

Project Developer:

Bart & Pieter garden architects


Turnhout, Belgium


‘Corner plot on a strategic road’

The project is located on a road to Brussels.
The small corner lot has been empty for more than 15 years.
The contrast in scale, buildings and atmosphere between the two
adjacent streets of the plot can hardly be bigger.
The angle is accentuated by placing a main volume on a base, which
offset from the front line. This is reduced both in height and depth,
to connect to both adjacent neighbors. In this way the building integrates nicely into its
street scene, and is in harmony with its environment.
At the head of the building, ideal for visibility, there is a commercial space on the ground floor.

iSTATE and Interesting Vastgoed


7 apartments
1 commercial space
passive standard
green roofs

Ukkel, Belgium


‘New gymnasium and schoolhouse Holderbank’

Competition – 2th Place

As a classical street village, Holderbank does not yet have a clearly defined village center.
This proposal responds to this deficit and, with the creation of a precisely defined playground, offers the opportunity to generate an identity-creating central location for the entire village, which can also serve as a community and festival site.
The existing municipal properties together with the new buildings form an ensemble and a public center.
At the heart of the complex is the new playground, which extends behind the existing multipurpose hall.
The new buildings are located around the square: the gymnasium to the north, the school to the west, and the new parish hall to be built in the south in a second stage.
The square occupies the middle of the ensemble, the surrounding areas remain undeveloped and are close to nature and designed as retreats.
The ensemble integrates itself very well into the granularity of the existing village structure by dividing the required space program into individual buildings for the gymnasium, schoolhouse and community center.
Diverse spatial connections embed the new space in the existing road and road network – a north-south axis runs along the former multi-purpose hall and an east-west axis through the northern part of the playground.

Municipality of Holderbank

Thomas De Geeter Architektur
Riggenbach Landschaftarchitect

RMB Engineering
Schärli + Oetil
Mosimann & Partner
Lemon Consult

Holderbank, Switzerland


‘Renovation and extension of the secondary school Chliriet’

Competition – 2th Place

Three staggered volumes form the new school building.
At the southeastern end, a covered pause hall forms the first and lowest link in the series.
The clear shape of the new building creates a natural reference to the existing multi-purpose hall – the staggering and inclination of the roofs – and gives the school grounds their independence.

Secondary school community Rümlang-Oberglatt

Thomas De Geeter Architektur
Vetschpartner Landschaftarchitecten

Schnetzer Puskas Ingenieure
RMB Engineering
Takt Baumanagement
Lemon Consult

Rümlang-Oberglatt, Switzerland


‘Senior housing Männedorf’

Competition – 3th Place

The building ensemble consists of two elongated buildings, which are stepped in plan and section.
They are arranged in a V-shape so that a small square on the Haldenstrasse is created in the east – a clear address for the new retirement home.
Southwest opens the V to release the view of the lake and to ensure an optimal tanning of the facades.
Between the two buildings and around it extends the park, which invites you to linger.
The volumes of the buildings can be mediated by their settlement and shape between the different building masses of the surrounding buildings from the post-war period and integrate well into the urban structure,
because they are slim sized at the ends and divided on the long side by projections and recesses .
The arrangement of the buildings across the slope makes it possible to gently pick up the topography of the site through the construction and connect the ground floor to the surrounding park without the need for terracing.
Along the Haldenstrasse, the two subtly offset building ends complement the green street scene and thus strengthen the neighborhood character of the district.

The basic principle of the apartments is their multiple orientation, to the park, shared outdoor space and lake views.
The apartments are mostly three- to four-sided oriented.
All apartments have private, protected outdoor spaces that face south or west and from which the third floor offers a view of the lake.
They are separated from the apartment with a fully openable and glazed front folding sliding doors.
The apartments each have a spacious entrance, cooking, living and dining areas which are connected to the loggia.

Männedorf foundation for senior citizens

Thomas De Geeter Architektur
Graf Landschaftarchitecten

Schärli + Oetil
Von Arx Baumanagement
Gruner Gruneko

Männedorf, Zurich, Switzerland


‘De zoete vaart’

On the former grounds of the sugar factory, for which Moerbeke was known far beyond its municipal borders, the first development will follow.
The former sugar factory was demolished in 2008. The municipality and the province of East Flanders, in consultation with the owner Iscal Sugar, drew up a master plan for the future of the extensive site.
Durabrik now realizes the first buildings of this new masterplan.

Project Developer/constructor:


1 fase 30appartements

Moerbeke, Belgium


‘A former Augustinian convent becomes a modern-day sanctuary’

On the edge of the site of the former military hospital, now transformed to a new housing quarter (Het groen kwartier),
a old an abandond Augustinian convent is turned into a luxury boutique hotel by Mouche Van Hool,
in collaboration with Vincent Van Duysen and Wouter Callebout.

Mouche Van Hool / kloosterkwartier nv

Vincent Van Duysen
Callebout Architects

Spa | sauna-hammam-hot stone-fresh ice scrubs-cour anglaise-swimming pond
Restaurant and Bar
44 hotel rooms | suites

Antwerp, Belgium

Kunstwerf Groningen

‘Counterpart to the machine factory’

The new Kunstwerf is a true maker’s place, designed as a counterpart to the machine factory,
it is a robust building with a rationalized structure and clear organization.
The design enters into a dialogue with the surrounding buildings. Not only does the new building follow the logic of plinth and roof,
the façade has also been designed with the same attitude and fascination for making as the surrounding industrial heritage.
The new Kunstwerf houses four companies under one sculptural roof.
It is a compact building and thus makes room for a square at the center of the site.
The central square connects old and new and is a place full of expectations and possibilities

Competition entrance by Antwerp based architecture office Van Besien Van Noten.
3th place in european tender.

Groningen, The Netherlands

Maritime Museum

‘a maritime park’

2de place in international competition.

the proposal of ‘a maritime park’ consist not only of making a space for exposition and experience, but it is also a tribute to the landscape, boats, machines and people.
The historical dry-docks landscape have an historical value, the boats are the means of transport , the machines activate the landscape and the people gave this place a strong identity.


Antwerp, Belgium

Beurs Brugge

‘A covered square’

1ste place in European tender

The City of Bruges has selected the architectural team of Eduardo Souto de Moura and META as the preferred bidder for the new exhibition and Congress building in Bruges.
The preferred bidder’s team has produced a design that shows respect to the city because it lets Bruges be Bruges, not opting for architecture as spectacle.
Following the advice of the assessment committee led by bOb Van Reeth, the College of the Mayor and Aldermen chose this proposal for its genuine and timeless design,
and this in respect of appearance, visual value and use of materials. Rather than attempt to radically change the site and its surroundings,
the principal aim is to integrate the proposed design and to add value through quality.
The building does not have the ambition to be spectacular. In contrast, it is robust and present, and in an honest and enduring manner.
The building is designed as a covered square. The activities are organised horizontally. The functions in the conference centre are stacked.
Although the exhibition and conference facilities are housed under one roof, they are structurally separated from each other,
which makes double and simultaneous use of the building possible.
The exhibition space can be fully openend on three sides,offering the City the opportunity to create a covered square on days when no trade fairs or events are planned.
This means the people of Bruges also gain a covered square.

Project Developer/Contractor:

Souto de Moura


Bruges, Belgium

Nova Rode


‘De Pit’, new offices for city authorities of education

The project entails the complete refit of an existing office building.
The new building will become an open house and meeting spot,
besides the offices it will also become a training and meeting center for the people of AG SO.
Outside the office hours, the training and meeting facilities will be opened to internal and external users.

Antwerp, Belgium

AG Stedelijk onderwijs



‘a smart post office’

Bringme is a premium home delivery and collection box system which you can manage any given time and anywhere.
An innovative solution for 21st century delivery services. Bringme, a start-up from Leuven,
appealed to Made to translate their idea into a stunning product with a seamless customer experience.
Made asked us to provide several images to show the detailing, the different finishes and setups of the product,
as well some renders showing the first Bringme boxes into the very first projects.


Red Dot design award
IF Product design award
Henry van de Velde label

Brussels Tower

The Green

‘warm and yet contemporary’

The apartments of the Green have been thoughtfully designed, have a lot of natural light and are built with quality materials.
The design is characterized by large glass sections and clean lines.
The ground floor houses have a private garden, the other apartments have spacious terraces.
Parking is possible on private pitches both above ground and underground.
In addition, bicycle sheds and storage facilities are also provided.



11 appartments

Wommelgem, Belgium


Urban development around a former coffee warehouse

Around the former warehouse designed by the modernist architect Léon Stynen 3 new developments are born. Nieuwe kade, Delta I and Delta II.
The site gets a second life consisting of housing and retail.

Project Developer:


Vanderstraeten and Belemco

12.700.000 euro (Koffienatie +Delta I)
Delta I: 56 housing units
Delta II: 10 housing units

Antwep, Belgium


‘housing tower by Immpact’

A new landmark in the Antwerp Skyline, with a beautiful view over the city, docks and river.
The top of the tower will be covered with green roof terraces.


Crepain Binst

154 Apartments, 81m high

Antwerp, Belgium

Levels and salt

‘Living in the Westhoek’

Levels and Salt are two small scale housing projects situated in the Westhoek.
Woonn tries to create’s a home feeling, not a place.
Woonn tries to create honest and appropriate developments within contemporary needs.

Verune, Sint-idesbald, Belgium


‘an Apartment opposite the parliament’

In the middle of the European district, opposite the parliament, ideal for European civil servants and expats, a new apartment building is constructed.



DDS & Partners architects

35 appartments
4.300 m²


‘New Eco neigborhood at the border of Neerland Park’

2de place in Design and Build competition for zone B and D

Competition organized by AG VESPA, antwerps autonomous municipal company for real estate and urban projects.

The project of Matexi puts a lot of effort in a good water management, by creating green roofs, wadi’s, water recovery and water permeable pavements.
An important aspect here was the visible effect and change of public space when this system is in effect.
This way it not only contributes to the sustainability of the area, but also to one pleasant and educational living environment.
The green is arranged as a gradient of the more urban side to the Park of Eeden.
from a more mineral atmosphere, mowed grass and urban trees, to a rural living in the park with extensive greenery.
In this ecological neighborhood there is clearly opted for a car-free character.
The car can park under the northernmost block from where you have a lot of slow traffic routes like bike paths and footpaths.

Project Developer:


Wilrijk, Antwerp, Belgium


‘Living regally in the queen of seaside resorts’

O’sea is a regeneration project on the former site of the mediacenter in Ostend.
It will become a mixed housing project that will help to revive a whole district.

Project Developer:

Conix RDBM Architects


1fase, in construction: 27.749m²
total m²: 88.500

Ostend, Belgium



10 new build BEN-houses around Waregem.

Designed by Wielfaert architects and constructed by Dedeyne Construct.

Desselgem, Belgium


‘Renovation of the primary school’

Competition – 1st Place

The listed state-owned grain house (completed 1699) was rebuilt to a school building in the middle of the 19th century.
It represents an important eyewitness in the historic village center of Erlach.
Rebuilding in the 1950s and 1980s has changed the historical inventory considerably.
The construction, which stands out with its tower in terms of urban planning, is to be refurbished,
taking into account monument preservation, building law and school requirements.

In order to fulfill the resulting different tasks, an integrative approach is proposed.
Traces of the original version and later added components are to be carefully assembled
through targeted interventions in order to achieve a harmonious overall effect.

Erlach, Switserland

Ernest The Park

‘Exclusive apartments in the heart of the Louisedistrict’

Between the Avenue Louise and the European District, in a trendy area,
this prestigious urban rehabilitation project in the former Solvay headquarters,
is a mixed use complex that will be developed in several phases.
It is made up of high class apartments and several other facilities which encourage a diverse array of lifestyle,
including hotel, student housing, retail.

Project Developer/constructor
Immobel and BPI/Interbuild

A2RC Architects
Jaspers-Eyers Architects

22.989 m²
+ 8.894 m²

Elsene, Brussels, Belgium



AZ Turnhout

‘Masterplan for a combined campus’

On the site of Campus Sint-Jozef, on the plot of the former football field a new hospital building will arise.
Building on a ‘compact’ spot a tower of 17 floors, measuring 65m heights, making around 713 rooms, will be build.
This has several advantages such as a lower ecological footprint, less walk distance,
and the full use of the existing buildings while constructing the new hospital.

AZ Turnhout

OSAR architects
Maat ontwerps

713 rooms

€ 150.000.000

Campus Sint-Jozef, Turnhout, Belgium

Ter Muren

‘living around an orchard’

The old child and youth care buildings are utterly outdated and will be replaced by 5 new living groups.
This 5 new living groups are situated around a central orchard, creating their own little village.
Every living group has is own vegetable garden, kitchen, dining rooms, playroom,..

child and youth care Ter Muren

Osar architects

8.000.000 euro

Erembodegem, Belgium


‘Integration of Peugeot Citroën and DS stores’

For several retailers of the PSA groupe AID architects made the designs for new offices/Showrooms.

Bruyninx Autovillage, Hasselt
Vanhoecke, Sint-Niklaas
Vandecasteele, Kortrijk
Ollivier, Waterloo

Normaalschool Lier

‘Rehabilitationproject in the center of Lier’

1ste place in PPS

Urban implantation of an incubator for start-ups, public spaces, 140 residential units and related additional functions on the former schoolsite of the Normaalschool, in the city center of Lier.
A refined solution, that could save the characteristic quality of the local heritage and translate it to a contemporary and sustainable vision on living and re-use, was sought.
The open space inbetween the building volumes is a sequence of qualitatively designed green spaces,
making new public squares giving the once closed off interior space of the housingblock back to the city and her inhabitants.

Project Developer/constructor




Lier, Belgium


‘The gardens of Oppem’

1ste place in European tender

New center for the village of Wezembeek-Oppem.
The project consists of transforming the existing center with a new administrative building, school building and Library around a new town square (2018-2020),
connected to a new park and housing (2020-2023), so Wezembeek-Oppen counts 3 big Parks in the center of their town.

Project Developer:
Van Roey

Pauwels landscape architects


Wezembeek-Oppem, Belgium


‘Living at the docks’

Property development bij DCA consisting of 76 apartments and 4 commercial spaces.
We made the bigger commercial package for this project (Logo, Identity, Brochure, Sales sheet, presentation, website)
more info on

Project Developer/constructor

M2 architecten

Antwerp, Belgium


‘The future is green’

The combination of a splendid natural environment and high quality architecture
with affordable living in the centre of Breendonk.

Designed by Polo Architects and developed by DCA and Brody.

Court Of Justice

Restoration and renovation of the old Court of Justice

In 2020 the old palace of justice of Antwerp will be back in use.
With respect for the historically valuable elments the building will be restorated,
renovated according to modern standards of comfort and techniques
and expanded with one additional floor.

Regie der Gebouwen
Cel Justitie


22.500 m²
39.000.000 euro

Antwerp, Belgium

OCMW Hoogstraten

‘t Gastenhuys’

1ste place in PPS

New ocmw building in Hoogstraten, consisting of a new build L-shape block,
as replacement of the old and decripted rest home.
Not only a new building is created, but also a new place trough an urban public square,
a charged building with supporting functions and an intimate inner garden,
so there is a focus on all people, those who live and work in it
and those who live and work in the city.

Project Developer/Constructor:
Van Roey/Van Hout



Hoogstraten, Belgium


‘Office M29’

New office for the project developer M29.

Project Developer:

Grosfeld Van Der Velde architects

Meulenspie, Teteringen, The Netherlands


Facade study orded by the architect to convince his client.
A lot of time went into the correct detailing of the brickwork.


Baarle-Hertog, Belgium

Parc Seny

‘An appartment complex in the centre of a green setting’

The project consists of transforming a 1970’s office building into a residential complex of high quality, with respect for the environment.
Alocated next to the Parc and close to the Sonian Forest, this project benefits from an extremely green setting.

Project Developer:

Archi 2000

Auderghem, Brussels, Belgium


Quality Steel Doors

Product shots for a company making premium quality steel doors, 100% made in Belgium.
Making doors from classic to modern it was important to show the different collections of doors in the right atmosphere.



‘Carefree enjoyment in a sea of green’

Situated in a private park, close to the sea, stores, restaurants and the Golf club ‘Ter Hille’ this project development is located at a top location.
99 assistance homes carefully placed so everybody has a maximal view towards the open green areas.
The residents will be able to enjoy the beautifull park, extensive welness with swimming pool, restaurant and much more in a private atmosphere.

Projectdeveloper: Skyline Europe
Architect: Marie-José Van Hee & PVL architecten
Exploitation: Vulpia Vlaanderen vzw

Oostduinkerke, Belgium



‘Living in between the dunes and the sea’

Situated between de dunes and the protected nature reserve ‘De Westhoek’ this project development is quite unique.
The project includes two buildings. In the higher building there are 103 assistance homes, in the lower 60 elderly rooms.
The residents will be able to enjoy practical assistance, extensive spa treatments, a beautiful gym and more.

Projectdeveloper: Skyline Europe
Architect: PVL architecten
Exploitation: Vulpia Vlaanderen vzw

De Panne, Belgium

Penthouses Leopold

‘Living on the highest level’

Exclusive housing in the old city centre of Antwerp.
Project Leopold is situated in the heart of the cultural neighborhood.
Close to the famous Bourla Theatre, the Theatre Sqaure, the old herb garden, restaurants,…
The Penthouses are finished in the Highest standaards in a contemporary interior architecture.

Project developer:

Styfhals & Partners

Hans Verstuyft architecten & Isabelle Onraet interieurarchitecten


94 appartments
8 houses
underground parking
28.815 m²
in construction

Antwerp, Belgium

Greenhill Park

‘Limited Edition. Unlimited Luxury’

A unique residential complex located in one of Brussels most exclusive and green communes,
very easily accessible, yet in a secluded privileged area.
This luxurious development of around 6.000 sqm will offer incomparable stylish apartments in an exclusive neighborhood.

Project Developer:

Archi 2000

St-pieters-woluwe, Brussels, Belgium


Expansion of the school house Seedorf

1st Place

The school building and multipurpose hall are completed with a central new building, so that a beautifully proportioned, three-sided exterior space opens up to the wide landscape.

Seedorf, Switserland



‘Competition for a new office building’

Competition entry by Thomas De Geeter Architektur for a new office building for Rhiienergie.

Tamins, Switzerland

Kunstencampus Herentals

‘Competition for the conversion of an old office building into a Academy and police station’

1st place

Herentals, Belgium

Universalis Park

‘discover a hidden green gem in the European capital’

The Universalis Park project is a large-scale development, mainly residential, situated on the la Plaine (VUB/ULB) site.
This project will be made up of a residential mix, combining apartments with student housing, care homes/assisted living facilities and crèches.

Project Developer:
Immobel & Thomas&Piron

Art & Build

110.000 m²
1260 residential units

Brussels, Belgium


‘Hidden gem on the Scheldt’

Re-destination of a former brownfield located at the Callebeek in Hemiksem.
Within the strict regulations seven building volumes are created, perpendicular to the river,
giving each volume unrestricted views over the Scheldt or the reigned forest.

Project Developer:

POLO architects

Van Laere

in construction
15.085.000 euro

Hemiksem, Belgium


‘Living in the former quarantine stables’

Located just near the border of the Netherlands, the famous quarantaine stables of Essen will be renovated en conversed into a cohousing community.
This small village offers  a common swimming pool-and pond, wellness, community center, co-working spaces, and more.. .
Desinged by the B-architecten and commissioned by HEEM.

Essen, Belgium



‘New housing project in the hart of Wilsele’

The housing block is part of a bigger renewal in the inner city of Wilsele, together with a new swimming pool and central square.
Four building blocks will be constructed around a central and collective inner-garden
Design by RE-ST architects, commissioned by VanRoey

Wilsele, Belgium


Namur office park

Offices by Skyline Europe

Business complex consisting of 10 office-buildings, situated in a quiet en green environment, close to the river the Meuse.
On 2 km of the center of Namur, half an hour to the airfield of Brussels-South and the ring of Brussels is has a good accessibility.
A lot of attention en time is spend searching for the most optimal implantation of the buildings in the landscape,
and to the experience inside the office spaces.

Namur, Belgium

De Bolster

‘assisted living around the kitchen’

In the new nursingbuilding for 32 residents the kitchen takes a prominent place.
It is the place were all residents come together to live and cook, together with their assistants.

Kluisbergen, Belgium


‘Assistance housing in Haacht’

Commissioned by Igor nv Osar realize 53 assistance appartments and a local service center in the centre of Haacht

Haacht, Belgium

OLV street

‘Conversion of a house into Student housing’

Located in one of the primary shopping streets, Qvas gives this abandoned shop a new life as small scale student housing.

Mechelen, Belgium



‘Luxuriously furnished studios’

Close to the majestic central station of Antwerp Qvas realises 28 Luxury furnished studios with terrace.

Antwerp, Belgium

Klein Bijgaarden

Intervention in the zuunbeek

Brocap is redeveloping a brownfield into a new housing project ‘Ter Leeuwen’.
They were asked to make adjustments to the nearby brook in order to buffer the water of the new project area.

Sint-Pieters-Leeuw, Belgium


R&S Tower

De Nekker fire station

‘Fire station De Nekker’

Competition for a new fire station in Mechelen Nekkerspoel.
Design team: Groep Van Roey, Hub, Bureau Bouwtechniek and Technum

Mechelen, Belgium


Transformation of a former coffee warehouse

Originally designed by the modernist architect Léon Stynen the former warehouse in the middle of the building block gets a new destination.
Developed by immpact and designed by POLO architects the coffee warehouse gets a second life consisting of housing and retail.

Antwep, Belgium


Redevelopment by Immpact

Immpact is redeveloping the site of an old parking building, situated in a building block in the center of Antwerp, into a lively and green housing project.
94 apartments and 8 houses are build around two green courtyards. All roofs covered in green.
An underground parking over 3 floors is situated bellow the project.

Antwerp, Belgium


Koning Noord

New Industrial landmark in Antwerp Noord

‘Koning Noord’ is a new housing block commissioned by Istate and designed by META.
It breaths the live of the industrial district ‘Ten dam’. A new upcoming neighbourhood situated at the edge of ‘Park Spoor Noord’
and around the former abattoir.

Antwerp, Belgium



‘housingproject at the former Technical school -de Ursulinen-‘

In commission of Vestio, Kolmont and Probis, A2O designed this new project in the historical centre of Hasselt.
A new central inner-garden and  alley brings live, green, air and light into the center of the building block.
The projects exists out of about 100 full-service flats an underground parking lot, Grand cafe, fitness and relaxation areas.

Hasselt, Belgium

Generaal Belliard

‘Urban housing’

Located in the building block of the former ‘zeemanshuis’ a decrepit 18th century building gets a new life.
The building is getting a second front at the new square and an intern patio between the old and the new building.
The new urban housing has been created by enofstudio.

Antwerp, Belgium


‘Conversion of an old brewery into service flats’

Living proof housing in the shell of a brick monolith on the site of the former brewery of Ginder-Ale.
Competition entry by Osar.

Merchtem, Belgium


Britspad Knokke

Summer residence at the Belgian coast

Renovation of a villa into a summerhouse by Potrell, commissioned by a private client.

Knokke, Belgium


‘Competition for a school building’

Renovation and expansion of a school building by Thomas De Geeter Architektur.

Bächelacker, Switzerland

Chambon Penthouse

‘Luxury Living’

Located in the iconic Chambon-building this penthouse breathes luxury and art-deco.

Brussels, Belgium


‘Conversion of an existing office building into an apartment building’

This former office building is turned into a mixed-use building.

Project Developer:


208 appartments, offices and commercial space
28.520 m²
In construction

Evere, Brussels, Belgium


Ambassador Park

‘a green location for a sustainable investment’

The beautiful park apartments of Ambassador Gardens are located around a green courtyard.
At a strategic rental location for expats: right next to the new NATO buildings,
close to large multinationals such as Toyota, Canon and IBM and on an easy exit to the airport.

Skyline Europe/ Interbuild

Archi 2000

Evere, Brussels, Belgium


‘Suburban Housing’

Housing project by Immpact, situated around a big inner yard.
Close to the inner city, public transport, cultural and sport facilities it is part of a bigger Urban renewal.

Geel, Belgium


‘Assistance Housing’

Houses for elderly people in a small scale housing environment.
Competition entry by OSAR architects.

Herenthout, Belgium


‘Competition for a school building’

Renovation and expansion of a school building by Thomas De Geeter Architektur.

Islikon, Switzerland



‘Rural houses and apartments by evillas’

Comissioned by evillas and designed by Piet Pepermans.
This project consists 23 closed and semi-detached houses and 1 apartment building with 5 apartments.
Build in the rural area of Herentals.

Morkhoven, Herentals, Belgium


‘Competition for A library and Academy of performing arts’

Competition entry for Alheembouw and Democo designed by Robbrecht and Daem Architects in assocation with VK engineering and Boydens.
It involves the renovation and expansion of an old monastery into a library for the 21ste century.
A library which is in the first place a place to read books, not to store.

Aalst, Belgium



‘Single family housing in Ravels’

Commisioned by vanhalme, enofstudio designed a single family house around an open central staircase,
connecting the different functions and floors, creating a very open plan full of possibilities.
360° images you can find by clicking on the links bellow.
360° groundfloor
360° first floor

Ravels, Belgium


Housing project
Antwerp, Belgium


‘Duplex row house apartments’

Developed by IFC
add architecture

Antwerp, Belgium


‘Energy efficient housing project.’

Housing project by Danish company Velux that specialises in windows and skylights VELUX Group.
Energy efficient building that provide a healthy indoor climate for people living, working or playing in the building,
while having as little impact on the environment as possible.
Client: VELUX Group

Anderlecht, Belgium


‘Elderly Housing’

Six small scale houses for elderly people with dementia.
Osar Architecten

Wijnegem, Belgium


‘Images for a publication’

We were asked by POLO to create images for a book about their work between 1991 and 2015.

Cultural center Hoboken, Antwerp
Cultural center Zandvliet, Antwerp
Mixed-use building Cadiz, Antwerp
Extension Gasthuisberg hospital, Leuven
New Artesis campus, Antwerp

POLO. architects


‘Social housing competition’

Competition project for the renovation of three residential towers by HUB in association with Origin and Bureau Bouwtechniek.

Originally designed by Jos Smolderen and build between 1959 and 1961,
the three towers that are property of the social housing company ‘Woonhaven’ are in need of an extensive renovation.
The towers are part of a bigger social housing quarter, which is one of the nicer examples of modernist ideology in Antwerp.
The design focuses on meeting today’s standards without comprimising the original design.

Antwerp, Belgium


‘Living in Rijsenbergpark’

Competition entry for Skyline Europe in association with Robbrecht and Daem, Bovenbouw, De Smet Vermeulen and Technum.
Part of the bigger urban redevelopment by ‘Sogent’ around the Fabiolalaan.

Gent, Belgium

City Building 'Oude Dokken'

‘Competition for a public building’

Competition project for a new public building at the ‘oude dokken’ Ghent.
A new core for a new city development project including a school, daycare and sports facilities.
Design by B-Architecten in association with
Boydens engineering and Mouton engineering

Ghent, Belgium

Grenchen administrative center

‘Competition for an administrative center’

Competition for the renovation and expansion of the administrative center of Grenchen
By Thomas De Geeter Architektur.

Grenchen, Switzerland


‘Repurpose of a castle’

Renovation of a heritage listed castle into a school.
It is one of the pilot-projects for school renovations ‘scholen van morgen’ in Flanders.
Competition ‘Open Oproep 0019’ won by HUB in collaboration with Bureau Bouwtechniek.
Commisoned by AG Real Estate.

Merksem, Belgium


‘Competition for a school project’

Competition for a schoolproject close to the city center of Leuven.

Leuven, Belgium

Antwerp City Hall

‘Restoration and refurbishment project’

Restoration and refurbishment of the Antwerp city hall in order to reconnect it to the city.
HUB, Origin, Bureau Bouwtechniek, Daidalos Peutz, RCR, BAS and FPC

Antwerp, Belgium

100 Noord

‘Housing project’

A housing project with 58 apartments of different typology and commercial functions next to Park Spoor Noord.

Antwerp, Belgium


‘Housing project’

Housing project close to the city center of Halle.
Developed by evillas

Halle, Belgium

Les Jardins du Vallon

‘Housing project’

Located in Waterloo this housing project has a modern, eco-friendly character.
Developed by Trevi Brabant

Waterloo, Belgium


‘Shopping center and housing’

Turnova is a lively new city area close to the Grote markt in Turnhout.
The combination of housing, commercial and cultural functions give a new dimension to the city heart.
Developed by Heeren Group
B-Architecten, Osar, Lens’ass

Turnhout, Belgium

Turnova XYZ

‘Housing project Turnova’

Modern architecture is combined with the historical character of the former printing factory Brepolsdrukkerij.
The industrial appearance of the design refers to the past of the site.
Developed by Heeren Group
Osar architecten

Turnhout, Belgium


‘Housing and retail project’

Residence Liberty are commercial spaces and luxury living. The project is located on Het Eilandje.
Together with the port it creates a new city area at the waterside.
Developed by Pluczenik World & Vlaamse Poort

Antwerp, Belgium


‘Housing project’

Two houses are designed in a way they make one architectural whole.
Developed by Luxestate

Brecht, Belgium


‘Elderly housing’

Luxury serviceflats for elderly people in the historical centre of Nieuwpoort.
Developed by Senior Homes

Nieuwpoort, Belgium

Genève Park

‘Housing project Genève Park’

The Genève Park investment project is situated in the municipality of Evere, surrounded by a green environment.

Project Developer:
Skyline Europe

DDS & Partners


356 luxe appartments
48.520 m²
Completed in 2015

Evere, Brussels, Belgium

La Vigie

‘Elderly Housing in the dunes

Residence La Vigie is located in an inviting park at the seaside. The site is built around the Normandic villa ‘La Vigie’ from 1923.
Developed by Skyline Europe

Koksijde, Belgium


‘School in Kleefeld’

The see-through-character of the spaces creates a connection between education and society.
The school does not exclude the neighbourhood but integrates its surroundings.
Designed by Thomas De Geeter Architektur.

Kleefeld, Switzerland


‘Housing project Lindbergh’

Located close to a nature reserve, Lindbergh has bright interior spaces and a modern appearance.
Developed by Livesmart +
Designed by Bogdan & Van Broeck Architects

Evere, Belgium

Commercial Book

‘Commercial Book’

Different styles for single family houses.
Developed by Hyboma


Les Azalées

‘Modern nursing home for elderly people’

Conversion of a former office building into a Modern elderly home,
with a maximum reuse of the existing elements.

Project Developer:
Skyline Europe

Jasper-Eyers Architects


162 rooms
17.144 m²
Work completed

Evere, Brussels, Belgium


‘Housing project Parklane Residence’

Spacious villa-appartments located close to ‘Ter Kamerenbos’.
Developed by Skyline Europe

Brussels, Belgium


‘Housing project’

Indianatie is part of the urban development on ‘Het Eilandje’.
The mix between city and harbour gives the neighbourhood a dynamic and contemporary character.
Developed by Urban Estates | Top Locations NV
Designed by PULS, POLO, Cuypers & Q, RAUM

Antwerp, Belgium


‘Urban Development’

A mixed urban project on the site of the former ‘Zeemanshuis’.
The project, which is part of a large housing block, sits on the border of the historical city center and
is an important element in the recreational axis from the center of Antwerp towards the MAS and the ‘Eilandje’ quarter.
Developed by Immpact dla

Antwerp, Belgium


‘Housing project’

Family housing project Schaggele in a new neighbourhood.
Designed by Piet Pepermans
Developed by evillas

Westmalle, Belgium


‘Elderly housing’

Combination of modern and authentic elements, the industrial appearance refers to the historic identity of the site.
Designed by OSAR architects
Developed by Senior Homes

Waregem, belgium


‘Housing project’

Family housing project with divers typologies.
arch. Piet Pepermans

Zemst, Belgium


‘Luxury apartments Victoria’

Located in Boechout, these apartments have a spacious and contemporary character.
Developed by Luxestate

Boechout, Belgium


‘Urban development Tinelsite’

Tinelsite is a new area in the citycenter of Mechelen.
The project is a collaboration of private and public functions, focusing on qualitative space and respect for the historical character of the location.
The design offers a combination of a rich past and  divers possibilities.
Developed by 3D_Participaties

Mechelen, Belgium

Freihof Mörschwil

‘Housing project’

The project is located in the historic center of Mörschwill. The expression of the new building is marked by the historical situation and tries to deal with the characteristics of the existing site.
Designed by Thomas De Geeter Architektur.

Mörschwill, Switzerland

Egyptian cigarette factory

‘Luxury apartments’

The former cigarette factory maintained its unique monumental appearance from 1912.
This impressive building with historical context  is a mix between authenticity and modern architecture.
Developed by Luxestate

Antwerp, Belgium

Domaine de l'observatoire

‘Reconversion of a former hospital’

The project is a reconversion of the former hospital ‘Les deux Alices’ surrounded by a green environment.
The parc, which is designed by landscape architect Wirtz, forms a transition between the buildings and the surrounding nature.
Developed by 3D_Participaties

Ukkel, Belgium

Vier Fonteinen

‘Urban development project’

Despite the urban environment the project is located in, the designers focused on nature, water and open space.
This concept also shows in the houses, streets, squares and piers.
The water and openness in the area of ‘Vier Fonteinen’ give the visitors and inhabitants a feeling of freedom.
Developed by Matexi i.s.m. PSR
Designed by a2o-architecten

Vilvoorde, Belgium


‘Moodboard of a private apartment’

Located in Mortsel, this apartment breathes luxury and comfort.
Developed by Luxestate

Mortsel, Belgium