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‘The gardens of Oppem’

1ste place in European tender

New center for the village of Wezembeek-Oppem.
The project consists of transforming the existing center with a new administrative building, school building and Library around a new town square (2018-2020),
connected to a new park and housing (2020-2023), so Wezembeek-Oppen counts 3 big Parks in the center of their town.

Project Developer:
Van Roey

Pauwels landscape architects


Wezembeek-Oppem, Belgium


‘The future is green’

The combination of a splendid natural environment and high quality architecture
with affordable living in the centre of Breendonk.

Designed by Polo Architects and developed by DCA and Brody.

Court Of Justice

Restoration and renovation of the old Court of Justice

In 2020 the old palace of justice of Antwerp will be back in use.
With respect for the historically valuable elments the building will be restorated,
renovated according to modern standards of comfort and techniques
and expanded with one additional floor.

Regie der Gebouwen
Cel Justitie


22.500 m²
39.000.000 euro

Antwerp, Belgium


Facade study orded by the architect to convince his client.
A lot of time went into the correct detailing of the brickwork.


Baarle-Hertog, Belgium

Parc Seny

‘An appartment complex in the centre of a green setting’

The project consists of transforming a 1970’s office building into a residential complex of high quality, with respect for the environment.
Alocated next to the Parc and close to the Sonian Forest, this project benefits from an extremely green setting.

Project Developer:

Archi 2000

Auderghem, Brussels, Belgium


Quality Steel Doors

Product shots for a company making premium quality steel doors, 100% made in Belgium.
Making doors from classic to modern it was important to show the different collections of doors in the right atmosphere.



‘Carefree enjoyment in a sea of green’

Situated in a private park, close to the sea, stores, restaurants and the Golf club ‘Ter Hille’ this project development is located at a top location.
99 assistance homes carefully placed so everybody has a maximal view towards the open green areas.
The residents will be able to enjoy the beautifull park, extensive welness with swimming pool, restaurant and much more in a private atmosphere.

Projectdeveloper: Skyline Europe
Architect: Marie-José Van Hee & PVL architecten
Exploitation: Vulpia Vlaanderen vzw

Oostduinkerke, Belgium



‘Living in between the dunes and the sea’

Situated between de dunes and the protected nature reserve ‘De Westhoek’ this project development is quite unique.
The project includes two buildings. In the higher building there are 103 assistance homes, in the lower 60 elderly rooms.
The residents will be able to enjoy practical assistance, extensive spa treatments, a beautiful gym and more.

Projectdeveloper: Skyline Europe
Architect: PVL architecten
Exploitation: Vulpia Vlaanderen vzw

De Panne, Belgium

Penthouses Leopold

‘Living on the highest level’

Exclusive housing in the old city centre of Antwerp.
Project Leopold is situated in the heart of the cultural neighborhood.
Close to the famous Bourla Theatre, the Theatre Sqaure, the old herb garden, restaurants,…
The Penthouses are finished in the Highest standaards in a contemporary interior architecture.

Project developer:

Styfhals & Partners

Hans Verstuyft architecten & Isabelle Onraet interieurarchitecten


94 appartments
8 houses
underground parking
28.815 m²
in construction

Antwerp, Belgium

Greenhill Park

‘Limited Edition. Unlimited Luxury’

A unique residential complex located in one of Brussels most exclusive and green communes,
very easily accessible, yet in a secluded privileged area.
This luxurious development of around 6.000 sqm will offer incomparable stylish apartments in an exclusive neighborhood.

Project Developer:

Archi 2000

St-pieters-woluwe, Brussels, Belgium


Expansion of the school house Seedorf

1st Place

The school building and multipurpose hall are completed with a central new building, so that a beautifully proportioned, three-sided exterior space opens up to the wide landscape.

Seedorf, Switserland



‘Competition for a new office building’

Competition entry by Thomas De Geeter Architektur for a new office building for Rhiienergie.

Tamins, Switzerland

Kunstencampus Herentals

‘Competition for the conversion of an old office building into a Academy and police station’

1st place

Herentals, Belgium

Universalis Park

‘discover a hidden green gem in the European capital’

The Universalis Park project is a large-scale development, mainly residential, situated on the la Plaine (VUB/ULB) site.
This project will be made up of a residential mix, combining apartments with student housing, care homes/assisted living facilities and crèches.

Project Developer:
Immobel & Thomas&Piron

Art & Build

110.000 m²
1260 residential units

Brussels, Belgium


‘Hidden gem on the Scheldt’

Re-destination of a former brownfield located at the Callebeek in Hemiksem.
Within the strict regulations seven building volumes are created, perpendicular to the river,
giving each volume unrestricted views over the Scheldt or the reigned forest.

Project Developer:

POLO architects

Van Laere

in construction
15.085.000 euro

Hemiksem, Belgium


‘Living in the former quarantine stables’

Located just near the border of the Netherlands, the famous quarantaine stables of Essen will be renovated en conversed into a cohousing community.
This small village offers  a common swimming pool-and pond, wellness, community center, co-working spaces, and more.. .
Desinged by the B-architecten and commissioned by HEEM.

Essen, Belgium



‘New housing project in the hart of Wilsele’

The housing block is part of a bigger renewal in the inner city of Wilsele, together with a new swimming pool and central square.
Four building blocks will be constructed around a central and collective inner-garden
Design by RE-ST architects, commissioned by VanRoey

Wilsele, Belgium


Namur office park

Offices by Skyline Europe

Business complex consisting of 10 office-buildings, situated in a quiet en green environment, close to the river the Meuse.
On 2 km of the center of Namur, half an hour to the airfield of Brussels-South and the ring of Brussels is has a good accessibility.
A lot of attention en time is spend searching for the most optimal implantation of the buildings in the landscape,
and to the experience inside the office spaces.

Namur, Belgium

De Bolster

‘assisted living around the kitchen’

In the new nursingbuilding for 32 residents the kitchen takes a prominent place.
It is the place were all residents come together to live and cook, together with their assistants.

Kluisbergen, Belgium


‘Assistance housing in Haacht’

Commissioned by Igor nv Osar realize 53 assistance appartments and a local service center in the centre of Haacht

Haacht, Belgium

OLV street

‘Conversion of a house into Student housing’

Located in one of the primary shopping streets, Qvas gives this abandoned shop a new life as small scale student housing.

Mechelen, Belgium



‘Luxuriously furnished studios’

Close to the majestic central station of Antwerp Qvas realises 28 Luxury furnished studios with terrace.

Antwerp, Belgium

Klein Bijgaarden

Intervention in the zuunbeek

Brocap is redeveloping a brownfield into a new housing project ‘Ter Leeuwen’.
They were asked to make adjustments to the nearby brook in order to buffer the water of the new project area.

Sint-Pieters-Leeuw, Belgium


R&S Tower

De Nekker fire station

‘Fire station De Nekker’

Competition for a new fire station in Mechelen Nekkerspoel.
Design team: Groep Van Roey, Hub, Bureau Bouwtechniek and Technum

Mechelen, Belgium


Urban development around a former coffee warehouse

Originally designed by the modernist architect Léon Stynen the former warehouse in the middle of the building block gets a new destination.
Developed by immpact and designed by POLO architects the site around the former coffee warehouse gets a second life consisting of housing and retail.

Antwep, Belgium


Redevelopment by Immpact

Immpact is redeveloping the site of an old parking building, situated in a building block in the center of Antwerp, into a lively and green housing project.
94 apartments and 8 houses are build around two green courtyards. All roofs covered in green.
An underground parking over 3 floors is situated bellow the project.

Antwerp, Belgium


Koning Noord

New Industrial landmark in Antwerp Noord

‘Koning Noord’ is a new housing block commissioned by Istate and designed by META.
It breaths the live of the industrial district ‘Ten dam’. A new upcoming neighbourhood situated at the edge of ‘Park Spoor Noord’
and around the former abattoir.

Antwerp, Belgium



‘housingproject at the former Technical school -de Ursulinen-‘

In commission of Vestio, Kolmont and Probis, A2O designed this new project in the historical centre of Hasselt.
A new central inner-garden and  alley brings live, green, air and light into the center of the building block.
The projects exists out of about 100 full-service flats an underground parking lot, Grand cafe, fitness and relaxation areas.

Hasselt, Belgium

Generaal Belliard

‘Urban housing’

Located in the building block of the former ‘zeemanshuis’ a decrepit 18th century building gets a new life.
The building is getting a second front at the new square and an intern patio between the old and the new building.
The new urban housing has been created by enofstudio.

Antwerp, Belgium


‘Conversion of an old brewery into service flats’

Living proof housing in the shell of a brick monolith on the site of the former brewery of Ginder-Ale.
Competition entry by Osar.

Merchtem, Belgium


Britspad Knokke

Summer residence at the Belgian coast

Renovation of a villa into a summerhouse by Potrell, commissioned by a private client.

Knokke, Belgium


‘Competition for a school building’

Renovation and expansion of a school building by Thomas De Geeter Architektur.

Bächelacker, Switzerland

Chambon Penthouse

‘Luxury Living’

Located in the iconic Chambon-building this penthouse breathes luxury and art-deco.

Brussels, Belgium


‘Conversion of an existing office building into an apartment building’

This former office building is turned into a mixed-use building.

Project Developer:


208 appartments, offices and commercial space
28.520 m²
In construction

Evere, Brussels, Belgium



‘Suburban Housing’

Housing project by Immpact, situated around a big inner yard.
Close to the inner city, public transport, cultural and sport facilities it is part of a bigger Urban renewal.

Geel, Belgium


‘Assistance Housing’

Houses for elderly people in a small scale housing environment.
Competition entry by OSAR architects.

Herenthout, Belgium


‘Competition for a school building’

Renovation and expansion of a school building by Thomas De Geeter Architektur.

Islikon, Switzerland



‘Rural houses and apartments by evillas’

Comissioned by evillas and designed by Piet Pepermans.
This project consists 23 closed and semi-detached houses and 1 apartment building with 5 apartments.
Build in the rural area of Herentals.

Morkhoven, Herentals, Belgium


‘Competition for A library and Academy of performing arts’

Competition entry for Alheembouw and Democo designed by Robbrecht and Daem Architects in assocation with VK engineering and Boydens.
It involves the renovation and expansion of an old monastery into a library for the 21ste century.
A library which is in the first place a place to read books, not to store.

Aalst, Belgium



‘Single family housing in Ravels’

Commisioned by vanhalme, enofstudio designed a single family house around an open central staircase,
connecting the different functions and floors, creating a very open plan full of possibilities.
360° images you can find by clicking on the links bellow.
360° groundfloor
360° first floor

Ravels, Belgium


‘Duplex row house apartments’

Developed by IFC
add architecture

Antwerp, Belgium


‘Energy efficient housing project.’

Housing project by Danish company Velux that specialises in windows and skylights VELUX Group.
Energy efficient building that provide a healthy indoor climate for people living, working or playing in the building,
while having as little impact on the environment as possible.
Client: VELUX Group

Anderlecht, Belgium


‘Elderly Housing’

Six small scale houses for elderly people with dementia.
Osar Architecten

Wijnegem, Belgium


‘Images for a publication’

We were asked by POLO to create images for a book about their work between 1991 and 2015.

Cultural center Hoboken, Antwerp
Cultural center Zandvliet, Antwerp
Mixed-use building Cadiz, Antwerp
Extension Gasthuisberg hospital, Leuven
New Artesis campus, Antwerp

POLO. architects


‘Social housing competition’

Competition project for the renovation of three residential towers by HUB in association with Origin and Bureau Bouwtechniek.

Originally designed by Jos Smolderen and build between 1959 and 1961,
the three towers that are property of the social housing company ‘Woonhaven’ are in need of an extensive renovation.
The towers are part of a bigger social housing quarter, which is one of the nicer examples of modernist ideology in Antwerp.
The design focuses on meeting today’s standards without comprimising the original design.

Antwerp, Belgium


‘Living in Rijsenbergpark’

Competition entry for Skyline Europe in association with Robbrecht and Daem, Bovenbouw, De Smet Vermeulen and Technum.
Part of the bigger urban redevelopment by ‘Sogent’ around the Fabiolalaan.

Gent, Belgium

City Building 'Oude Dokken'

‘Competition for a public building’

Competition project for a new public building at the ‘oude dokken’ Ghent.
A new core for a new city development project including a school, daycare and sports facilities.
Design by B-Architecten in association with
Boydens engineering and Mouton engineering

Ghent, Belgium

Grenchen administrative center

‘Competition for an administrative center’

Competition for the renovation and expansion of the administrative center of Grenchen
By Thomas De Geeter Architektur.

Grenchen, Switzerland


‘Repurpose of a castle’

Renovation of a heritage listed castle into a school.
It is one of the pilot-projects for school renovations ‘scholen van morgen’ in Flanders.
Competition ‘Open Oproep 0019’ won by HUB in collaboration with Bureau Bouwtechniek.
Commisoned by AG Real Estate.

Merksem, Belgium


‘Competition for a school project’

Competition for a schoolproject close to the city center of Leuven.

Leuven, Belgium

Antwerp City Hall

‘Restoration and refurbishment project’

Restoration and refurbishment of the Antwerp city hall in order to reconnect it to the city.
HUB, Origin, Bureau Bouwtechniek, Daidalos Peutz, RCR, BAS and FPC

Antwerp, Belgium

100 Noord

‘Housing project’

A housing project with 58 apartments of different typology and commercial functions next to Park Spoor Noord.

Antwerp, Belgium


‘Housing project’

Housing project close to the city center of Halle.
Developed by evillas

Halle, Belgium

Les Jardins du Vallon

‘Housing project’

Located in Waterloo this housing project has a modern, eco-friendly character.
Developed by Trevi Brabant

Waterloo, Belgium


‘Shopping center and housing’

Turnova is a lively new city area close to the Grote markt in Turnhout.
The combination of housing, commercial and cultural functions give a new dimension to the city heart.
Developed by Heeren Group
B-Architecten, Osar, Lens’ass

Turnhout, Belgium

Turnova XYZ

‘Housing project Turnova’

Modern architecture is combined with the historical character of the former printing factory Brepolsdrukkerij.
The industrial appearance of the design refers to the past of the site.
Developed by Heeren Group
Osar architecten

Turnhout, Belgium


‘Housing and retail project’

Residence Liberty are commercial spaces and luxury living. The project is located on Het Eilandje.
Together with the port it creates a new city area at the waterside.
Developed by Pluczenik World & Vlaamse Poort

Antwerp, Belgium


‘Housing project’

Two houses are designed in a way they make one architectural whole.
Developed by Luxestate

Brecht, Belgium


‘Elderly housing’

Luxury serviceflats for elderly people in the historical centre of Nieuwpoort.
Developed by Senior Homes

Nieuwpoort, Belgium

Genève Park

‘Housing project Genève Park’

The Genève Park investment project is situated in the municipality of Evere, surrounded by a green environment.

Project Developer:
Skyline Europe

DDS & Partners


356 luxe appartments
48.520 m²
Completed in 2015

Evere, Brussels, Belgium

La Vigie

‘Elderly Housing in the dunes

Residence La Vigie is located in an inviting park at the seaside. The site is built around the Normandic villa ‘La Vigie’ from 1923.
Developed by Skyline Europe

Koksijde, Belgium


‘School in Kleefeld’

The see-through-character of the spaces creates a connection between education and society.
The school does not exclude the neighbourhood but integrates its surroundings.
Designed by Thomas De Geeter Architektur.

Kleefeld, Switzerland


‘Housing project Lindbergh’

Located close to a nature reserve, Lindbergh has bright interior spaces and a modern appearance.
Developed by Livesmart +
Designed by Bogdan & Van Broeck Architects

Evere, Belgium

Commercial Book

‘Commercial Book’

Different styles for single family houses.
Developed by Hyboma


Les Azalées

‘Modern nursing home for elderly people’

Conversion of a former office building into a Modern elderly home,
with a maximum reuse of the existing elements.

Project Developer:
Skyline Europe

Jasper-Eyers Architects


162 rooms
17.144 m²
Work completed

Evere, Brussels, Belgium


‘Housing project Parklane Residence’

Spacious villa-appartments located close to ‘Ter Kamerenbos’.
Developed by Skyline Europe

Brussels, Belgium


‘Housing project’

Indianatie is part of the urban development on ‘Het Eilandje’.
The mix between city and harbour gives the neighbourhood a dynamic and contemporary character.
Developed by Urban Estates | Top Locations NV
Designed by PULS, POLO, Cuypers & Q, RAUM

Antwerp, Belgium


‘Urban Development’

A mixed urban project on the site of the former ‘Zeemanshuis’.
The project, which is part of a large housing block, sits on the border of the historical city center and
is an important element in the recreational axis from the center of Antwerp towards the MAS and the ‘Eilandje’ quarter.
Developed by Immpact dla

Antwerp, Belgium


‘Housing project’

Family housing project Schaggele in a new neighbourhood.
Designed by Piet Pepermans
Developed by evillas

Westmalle, Belgium


‘Elderly housing’

Combination of modern and authentic elements, the industrial appearance refers to the historic identity of the site.
Designed by OSAR architects
Developed by Senior Homes

Waregem, belgium


‘Housing project’

Family housing project with divers typologies.
arch. Piet Pepermans

Zemst, Belgium


‘Luxury apartments Victoria’

Located in Boechout, these apartments have a spacious and contemporary character.
Developed by Luxestate

Boechout, Belgium


‘Urban development Tinelsite’

Tinelsite is a new area in the citycenter of Mechelen.
The project is a collaboration of private and public functions, focusing on qualitative space and respect for the historical character of the location.
The design offers a combination of a rich past and  divers possibilities.
Developed by 3D_Participaties

Mechelen, Belgium

Freihof Mörschwil

‘Housing project’

The project is located in the historic center of Mörschwill. The expression of the new building is marked by the historical situation and tries to deal with the characteristics of the existing site.
Designed by Thomas De Geeter Architektur.

Mörschwill, Switzerland

Egyptian cigarette factory

‘Luxury apartments’

The former cigarette factory maintained its unique monumental appearance from 1912.
This impressive building with historical context  is a mix between authenticity and modern architecture.
Developed by Luxestate

Antwerp, Belgium

Domaine de l'observatoire

‘Reconversion of a former hospital’

The project is a reconversion of the former hospital ‘Les deux Alices’ surrounded by a green environment.
The parc, which is designed by landscape architect Wirtz, forms a transition between the buildings and the surrounding nature.
Developed by 3D_Participaties

Ukkel, Belgium


‘Housing project’

Housing project combined with commercial spaces located in Vlezenbeek.
Developed by evillas
Designed by Simon De Boeck

Vlezenbeek, Belgium

Vier Fonteinen

‘Urban development project’

Despite the urban environment the project is located in, the designers focused on nature, water and open space.
This concept also shows in the houses, streets, squares and piers.
The water and openness in the area of ‘Vier Fonteinen’ give the visitors and inhabitants a feeling of freedom.
Developed by Matexi i.s.m. PSR
Designed by a2o-architecten

Vilvoorde, Belgium


‘Moodboard of a private apartment’

Located in Mortsel, this apartment breathes luxury and comfort.
Developed by Luxestate

Mortsel, Belgium


‘Interiors of Student housing’

Design of a student accommodation for Gimv Antwerpen. The rooms have a young and cozy look.
Designed by OSAR architecten

Antwerp, Belgium


‘Housing project’

Unity and diversity are the keywords of this project. The goal is to create architecture on a human scale with respect for the historical character and its future inhabitants.
The ‘Kanaal’ consists of hundred apartments of which none is the same.
Developed by Vervoordt r.e.
Designed by Goussée & Goris | Michel Desvigne

Wijnegem, Belgium

Volksschule Kirchenfeld

‘Renovation and expansion of a school’

Total renovation and extension of a school in Bern.
The project implemented the additional necessary space in the plinth of the existing historical building, resulting that the building is widely visible.
The other functions are arranged in the original buildings and adjust to the needs of the school.
Designed by  Thomas De Geeter Architektur.

Bern, Switzerland


‘Housing Project’

Small scaled housing project that easily integrates in the environment of a residential area.
The livingroom opens up to a green landscape, that’s why the houses are orientated to the backyard. The frontfacade has a more closed character and creates the volumetric shape.
Developed by evillas
Designed by Piet Pepermans

Ranst, Belgium


‘Redevelopment of the old fishing wharf’

The project is located East of Oostend.
Because of the explicit location and the characteristics of the area a new vital cityquarter arises.
An inner garden increases the quality of life.
The design and materialisation has a contemporary appearance with references to the traditional harbor architecture.
Designed by awg architecten and commissioned by BURCO Coast

Ostende, Belgium


‘Housing project’

The design is a sequence of eight houses. Together the facades create one sculptural whole.
The livingroom is in contact with the garden due to large windows which results in spacious and light living areas.
Developed by evillas
Designed by Arch. Piet Pepermans & Schellen architecten

Sint-Pieters-Leeuw, Belgium

I Love Boats

‘Private house’

Single family housing project located at ‘de Kaaien’ with a view of the Schelde .
The house has got a contemporary appearance due to the use of rich materials.
Designed by Enofstudio

Antwerp, Belgium


‘Collective Housing project’

Open competition organized by AG Vespa for the first new development on the Eilandje.
MikeViktorViktor, ONO, Bovenbouw and Inarco made a joined proposal for four parcels.
The new development consists of different housing typologies, targeting a range of inhabitants.
The project is located near the newly developed quays at the Kattendijkdok and the MAS.
Developed by Urban Estates | Top Locations NV
Designed by MikeViktorViktor & ONO architectuur

Antwerp, Belgium

Academy Ghent

‘Collective Housing project’

Social- and collective housingproject located in the former Royal academy for fine arts and the old fire-brigade.
The valuable elements of the site are maintained. The design has attention for public space, culture and nature.
Designed by Robbrecht & Daem Architecten

Gent, Belgium


‘Collective Housing project’

Design for a housing project alongside the Schelde in Oudenaarde.
Designed by Robbrecht & Daem Architecten

Oudenaarde, Belgium

Belvedère Boekentoren

‘Boekentoren, A tower for books’

The Boekentoren is an important symbol for the University of Ghent designed by Henri Van De Velde in 1935.
It is an example of modern architecture.
The Belvedère is the viewing platform of the Boekentoren.
This mythical place is the highest point of the city. The interior is covered in dark marble and warm wood.
Designed by Henry Van de Velde

Gent, Belgium

Juliaan Lampens

‘Modernist villa, House Vandenhaute-Kiebooms’

Juliaan Lampens worked almost exclusively with concrete, wood and glass.
House Vandenhaute-Kiebooms is designed to showcase an interior and exterior harmony with its surrounding environment and nature.
Borders, cardinal orientation and lines of sight were all central to the placement and construction of the home.
Designed by Juliaan Lampens

Zingem, België